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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - A Coalition for Comprehensive Democracy is an initative to bring together people and associations from various ideologies and streams to engage in dialogue on issues of various dimensions of democracy. Such dimensions include politics, ecology, gender, social justice, economy and culture.

The roots of the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is in South Asia, where the concept (meaning the world is a family) has been part of the culture for thousands of years. Recently in India and Finland Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam associations have been formed.

The Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Initiative engages actively with the the World Social Forum. In practice this means taking part in local, national, regional and global social forums as organiser of events and information agency.

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WSF IV in Mumbai
WSF I-III in Porto Alegre
European Social Forum
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Coalition for Environment and Development
Friends of the Earth Finland
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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Newsletter 7 Part 1 - March 2004

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Newsletter 7 Part 2 - March 2004

CONTENTS (part 1)


- Saluting the WSF Process


- WSF serving the global democracy By Thomas Wallgren
- In the true spirit of democracy by Sumit Chakravartty
- Making WSF and Resistance Movement one united voice By Suresh Nautiyal
- Evidences of “Another World is Possible” found at WSF By Khurshid Imam
- Introspecting WSF-2004 preparatory process By Vijay Pratap

WSF Reports/Papers:

- The WSF assessment: Process needs to be more focused, transparent By Suresh Nautiyal
- World Dignity Forum: Agenda of the marginalised at WSF 2004 By Ashok Bharti and Mukul Sharma
- Helsinki Process: Democratising globally: Civil society engaging with State actors By Sini Kuvaja
- On the double meaning of ‘information’ and the work of knowledge By Avinash Jha
- Media, globalisation and culture By Kishan Kaljayee
- Rescue agriculture: Save humanity By Rakesh Manchanda
- The quest for participatory democracy By Kishor Dere
- Participatory democracy and civil society movements By Khurshid Imam
- Grassroots resistance in the US to Israel occupation By Khurshid Imam
- Knowledge in society By Avinash Jha
- Celebrating diversity: “Another world is possible” By FCD

WSF 2004 Related

- Arundhati Roy speech at WSF opening
- Making history: The future of the World Social Forum By Kamal Mitra Chenoy
- Democracy of global life By Ville-Veikko Hirvela

Declarations/ Manifestos

- Final Declaration of the Fourth World Parliamentary Forum
- Towards a farmers’ Manifesto
- Declaration of the anti-nuclear alliance

Follow-up Initiatives

- South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy/ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Meeting on Tribal and Indigenous People


They came... they shared... they conquered

VK Biradari

List of organisation in whose events at the WSF 2004 VK biradari (associates) participated actively/collaborated

Content (part 2)

Knowing WSF: Important WSF Declarations/Resolutions

- The WSF
- Background
- Regional and Thematic Social Forums
- WSF Charter of Principles
- Rules for the operation of the WSF International Council
- WSF in India
- India General Council
- Venue and dates WSF 2004
- Mobilisation for the forums
- Broad themes of WSF 2004
- IC Document on the Porto Alegre meeting
- IC document on the Dakar meeting
- Resolutions taken in Porto Alegre meeting
- WSF 2004: Call of the social movements
- Proposals adopted at the WSF IC meeting


VK 7 * 29 March 2004 - part 1

VK 7 * 29 March 2004 - part 2

Towards Mumbai 2 * 24 Dec 2003

Towards Mumbai 1 * 19 Nov 2003


Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam booklet by Vijay Pratap, Ritu Priya and Thomas Wallgren. Preface by Satu Hassi and foreword by Kishen Pattnayak.

Global Ecological Problems and Issues of Ecological Democracy in the Beginning of the New Millennium

National Alliance of Peoples Movement at the WSF

A draft glossary of political India for comments

Selected Self-Organised Events at the WSF IV



Seminars and Workshops

Stalls and exhibitions

  • Centre for the Study of Developing Societies & VANI
  • Coalition for Environment and Development
  • Harit Chaupal - Green Corner
  • Other India Bookstore
  • Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

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